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The University of Lille has etablished formal exchange agreements with a large number of european universities and other. These are designed both for international students who wish to spend one or two semesters in a study programme at the University of Lille and transfer credits to their home institution as well as for students who want to study and get a diploma from the University of Lille. Contact your international office for application process.


You first need to check if your country has a Campus France Agency. If so, you need to follow the Campus France procedure (online application process starting on 15th november).

If there is no Campus France Agency in your country, you need to follow our admission process. Online application process (march at april) https://www.univ-lille.fr/etudes/candidater-sinscrire/

You will need to provide the document called "attestation de pré-inscription" issued by Campus France or the "décision de validation" issued by the University of Lille.

Secondly you will download the application form "Master".


In order to register at the University of Lille, you will need to provide the following documents :

  • your passport and student visa
  • about 5 passport photographs
  • your diplomas and transcript of records
  • a birth certificate translated into french of english and certified by the embassy
  • if you are a free-mover, you need to provide the document called "attestation de pré-inscription" issud by Campus France or the "décision de validation" issued by the University of Lille if there is no Campus France agency in your country.

Specific documents requested for exchange students :

  • the registration certificate from your home university
  • your learning agreement.


The University of Lille is a public university. Consequently this means that it is funded by the french government. Tuition fees are :

  • bachelor degree, approximately 184 € per year
  • master degree, approximately 256 € per year

As they are already registered in their home institution, exchange students will benefit from a tuition waiver. Please note that you will have to pay for health insurance (student social security). The yearly amount is about 215 €.